Guest Assistant

Started on March 19, 2018 6 hrs

Guest Assistant Job Description


As a Guest Assistant, you are an integral part of guests’ dining experience. It is your job to work with and support your fellow staff members to help guests feel welcome and ensure they have a positive experience.

Your job is to take care of any responsibilities and duties that your fellow front-of-house staff cannot immediately tend to. Encourage Guests to return by using your best hospitality skills to make them feel welcome and taken care of. Remember that for many Guests, dining out is a treat. Deliver excellent service and hospitality to reinforce their choice in dining with you. You represent the company as a friendly, knowledgeable and caring industry professional inside and outside the restaurant.

Beyond helping the guests, it is your responsibility to ensure teamwork with your fellow employees through effective communication. Strive to work as a team to keep operations running smoothly.

Duties & Requirements:

  • Arrive on time in your uniform with a smile and be ready to work.
  • Complete your daily routines with a smile and a good attitude. Get to know your Guests.
  • Make sure tables are set up correctly and dishes have been taken to the kitchen for cleaning
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the restaurant, tables, entrance, dining areas and restrooms to deliver a comfortable and inviting environment for Guests.
  • Build a strong relationship with your fellow employees and work with them as a team. This teamwork is crucial in keeping operations running smoothly. You all need to work together towards the common goal of taking care of Guests.
  • Oversee everything in the restaurant to help it run smoothly and ensure everyone is not overloaded.
  • Approach each guest, fellow employee and situation with a positive can-do attitude. Remember the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • Promptly communicate Guests’ needs with servers and your front-of-house supervisors. Also, be sure to handle all Guest service issues in an immediate and professional manner while following the 3 A’s.
  • Genuinely care for and assist each Guest. Ensure that no Guest leaves unsatisfied.
  • Follow any procedures your employer requires promptly, correctly and happily.
  • Communicate with your Managers.